DSS Leskovac: Terminated Contract with Metro Parking (video)

Members of the City Board of the Democratic Party of Serbia in Leskovac have turned in a petition to the city assembly for a recall of the contract concluded between the City of Leskovac and company Metro Parking South.

With this petition, signed by over 8.000 people is requested that a referendum be called in which the people of Leskovac would have their say on whether they accept the services of company Metro Parking South, which, as Aleksandar Pejcic, the President of the DSS City Board says, is charging very steeply, and taking over and marking space in Leskovac at its own initiative.

Pejcic told the press that this company isn’t observing the contract because it isn’t paying the 10% from its monthly profits, which is EUR 40.000, and 500.000 annually.

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